What is the cost of our daily commutes?

There are a number of ways to estimate the cost of our daily commutes: the time we spend, the money we spend, the fuel we burn, the wear and tear on our cars, the CO2 our cars emit, and so on. Provide a little information about your commute, and this calculator will give it a stab for you. The answers might surprise you.

This is a thing by Christopher Hansen.


Describe your vehicle.

Select your car from the menus below to look up your car's EPA-rated in-city fuel economy, or you may enter your car's fuel economy directly if you know it.



How would you rate your car's reliability? Do you spend a lot on maintenance?


Describe your commute.

Enter the addresses of the start and end points of your commute. You can enter things like "46220", "Children's Museum of Indianapolis", or a full address. The distance and time it takes will be calculated for you.

16 miles (one-way)
26 minutes (one-way)

How much do you pay for fuel?

A recent national average gasoline price has been filled in, or you may enter the price you pay locally.


Your annual commute cost

hours per year
gallons per year
per year

This estimate assumes fuel at the given price plus 3ยข/mile for maintenance, but it does not include other expenses such as parking, insurance, or the value of your time!

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