Thai Smile 2

Admittedly, we had a bit of a bias going into our dining experience at Thai Smile 2. The original location in Muncie was a favorite dining spot for some friends of ours, and they have never had anything but wild praise for Thai Smile. Read the rest of this entry

Thai One On

Located in the house where Tavola di Tosa used to reside, this new resident was pretty good for a Saturday night. We ordered the spring rolls vegetarian and were surprised when they came out cold, but the peanut dipping sauce was awesome. Chicken drunken noodles were just spicy enough ( I ordered it at a 3 out of 5) and the veggies were crisp, just how I like them. Chris’s Thai One On special had friend cellophane noodles and a very savory soy-flavored sauce that was great with his veggies, too. Jon ordered some kind of Riesling (always good with Asian food) and the banana wontons for dessert would have been much better warmed up (like the spring rolls) but they were friend bananas: can that ever really be bad? Our waitress was a little spacy (and she poured three huge glasses of wine and one really small one) but the artwork on the wall and the tasty food satisfied us pretty well. Read the rest of this entry

Thai Cafe

Light and tasty lunches and dinners. Bizarre neon and foam brain thing on the ceiling. You can order stuff “Thai Hot” if you want, but you really have to want it; I think it costs a buck extra. The good waiter (the guy who looks like David Spade) seems to be gone, though, and he did a lot to make the dining experience pleasant. We still think it’s a good place to eat, and you run into surprising people sometimes.

The padd thai is always good, and the hot and sour appetizer soup has always been tasty.

Thai Garden