Sky City Cafe

Located inside the Eiteljorg Museum, I’d heard good things about this surprising museum restaurant.

I wanted something on the light side, so even though the Monday soup selection of chicken corn chowder sounded excellent (and the quesadilla and soups offerings change daily), I opted for the potato and white onion with epazote and red chile. It was a bit zesty, but not heavy at all… just what I was looking for. The accompanying cornbread was tasty, too (but then, I’m a sucker for corn and for bread, so what better combination?)

Again on the lighter side, I chose the Painted Desert Roasted Red Pepper salad, and was not expecting the salad to be as enormous as it was. I had asked them to go easy on the Monterey Jack cheese (since I’ve resigned myself back to Weight Watchers) and they obliged. The red pepper vineagrette dressing was not overwhelming, nor was there too much of it, and the lettuce was crisp and green (no iceberg here!).

This is definetly a cut above your average museum cafe. The menu begs a repeat visit, since it changes daily. The desserts on display would be worht the return trip alone! The atmosphere was bright and clean, the staff was friendly, and the food was flavorful, creative, and unique. Lucky for me it’s just a short walk across the river!