There I fixed the TDI

Car batteries hate cold weather, and in my experience, it’s pretty much a given that they will give out on the first day with temperatures in the teens after the free replacement warranty period ends. Further, the battery will only die when it’s away from home.

Late last week this confluence of factors prompted me to replace the VW’s battery directly in front of the main entrance of my workplace. Given the nature of my workplace, there was a video camera watching the whole time.

battery replacement

The replacement went reasonably quickly this time around, given my numb fingers and the amount of stuff that needs to be shuffled around in order to make room to squeeze the battery in and out.

And, since something is never fixed without something else breaking to take its place, I snapped the plastic dipstick holder right off. Fortunately, I found a replacement dipstick tube online for about 1/5 of what the dealer probably would have charged. While it’s in transit, good old aluminum foil and a rubber band are doing a bang-up job of keeping stuff out of the hole.


Pictures from the USAF Marathon

Brightroom published their photos from the USAF Marathon. Note, these are Brightroom’s pictures, not mine. I’m not distributing them, just telling people where to get them. Once again, what a pretty morning we had for a race!