A 2 Z Cafe

This Breakfast and Lunch joint has a Mediterranean flair and a pretty well-rounded breakfast and brunch menu, and after passing by and reading several other reviews, we decided it was time to try it out for Sunday.

We arrived just after 9am and managed to beat the other churchgoers; we would have had to wait for a while had we gotten there much later. Our waitress was friendly and seemed to manage her tables well, so we were offered a warming cup of coffee just moments after sitting down. One other little touch I really liked: they set a caraffe of ice water on the table, so we didn’t have to keep asking for refills.

Chris went for the omelette special (bacon, tomatoes, portabella mushrooms, basil, and goat cheese) and was pleased. It came with a dish of fresh fruit (including mangoes!) but nothing else. At the very least, we thought it should come with breakfast potatoes or toast.

My Eggs Benedict was a special treat. I don’t get to order this very often (usually because it doesn’t work as well with Egg Beaters, but I splurged) and it was worth the wait. While the Canadian bacon was a little on the salty side (yes, I know…it’s supposed to be salty, but this was a little much), the sauce wasn’t overwhelming and my dish did come with potatoes and fruit as well.

The breakfast and brunch menu is pretty typical…lots of omelettes, eggs several ways, some French toast and crepe options, and everything we saw looked tasty. The lunch menu was intriguing as well, with several seafood and pasta dishes that certainly warrant a visit at a later hour.

Dunaway’s Palazzo Ossigeno Restaurant

This was a birthday dinner, so we wanted to make it something special. After trying to finish our wedge salads, we really didn’t need to have dinner, but I ordered the quail. The accompanying goat cheese polenta alone was worth it, but the sauteed greens and the quali itself was wonderful (once you get past the fact that you’re eating teeny little birds). Chris chose Arrogant Bastard Ale (partly because it was fun to order, and partly because it was really, really good) and the pistachio-crusted chicken, which he also enjoyed immensely. We can only image how good the creme brulee must be, because the couple next to us seemed to enjoy theirs quite a bit. The decor, the service and the food were all high quality, and even though we were seated way too close to other diners to feel like we were having an intimate and romantic dinner, we still enjoyed the meal.

Mezza Luna

We returned here recently after more than two years, and it seems to have gotten even better. Last time I remember having The Chip…so good (pasta in a smoky chipotle cream sauce) that it made that much of a lasting impression. This time I opted for the pasta primavera and the vegetables were just crisp enough and the pasta had this foreign delicious sauce on it (butter, ha!) Chris went for his standard choice, eggplant parmesan. He enjoyed it, too (I think he might have wanted more cheese), and although I have a hard time with Italian restaurants that serve mashed potatoes, these were garlicky and nasty (good nasty) and delicious. Nasty, too, was the appetizer bread (although we came this close to ordering the calamari) and the side salad was pretty decent, expect for the typical Indiana tomatoes.

All in all, I’m glad we went back. It was warm and toasty (the fire was going), dark and romantic, and my Cosmopolitan gave me that fuzzy feeling that makes me want to play footsie under the table. Nice dinner.


A pleasant surprise. Walking past, we’ve peered in dozens of times. While the pink neon-lit patio is too hideous for words, the atmosphere inside is quite pleasant, the walls decked with oil paintings for sale. Service was casual, friendly, and attentive (our waiter, Joey, loved Emily’s “ensemble”), and the meals were memorable

The second time we went, we went in without reservations on a Saturday night. We were seated immediately, but in the bar (read: smoking). It wasn’t too bad though, save for a few short bouts of noisy, smoky patrons with little sense for personal space.

Our waitress this time, Justine, was great. Despite the busy atmosphere, she was attentive and highly reccommended the pomodoro over eggplant parmesan, which Jon and Christine both enjoyed. Chicken piccata and paella made us happy, and the baked goat cheese appetizer was a wonderful start to the meal.