Local map updates

Four Indiana mapping/geological links to share today:

  1. The Indiana Geological Survey has a wealth of information and maps on their Indiana Geology Home Page.
  2. The Indiana Department of Transportation maintains traffic count maps for major roadways throughout the state. Since these maps always show the average daily traffic count, they also published a guide of adjustment factors that show how to adjust the average count to account for seasonal and daily variation. 
  3. The Indiana Trails Study reports on citizens’ usage patterns of multi‐use trails. 
  4. I’m really not a fan of the lousy ArcIMS web interface, but IndianaMap has some interesting layers to explore, including demographics and environmental interest.

A People’s Atlas of Chicago

This kind of thing never fails to fascinate me: hand‐drawn maps showing people’s interpretations of their surroundings. The project is called Notes for a People’s Atlas of Chicago, part of the People’s Atlas. More maps in this Flickr set.

Also toread: http://pete.zelchenko.com/

Via The Map Room: Notes for a People’s Atlas of Chicago.