Sapporo Japanese Steak House & Sushi

Sushi in the front, hibachis in the back. Watch out for onion volcanoes and flying shrimp. The hibachi chefs are silly and friendly. It helps you with the realization of how much butter goes into restaurant food, but if you opt for the salad, the dressing is much better here than elsewhere. The sushi section is more restrained. The goldfish stay in the pond. Small children sometimes do, too. A word to the wise, however: they are not equipped to handle large parties, such as, say, a rehearsal dinner.

Tokyo Gourmet Buffet

Traditional and exotic Japanese fare; sushi. Much better than one would expect from a buffet restaurant. Watch out for the tapioca, though

Mikado Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar

Some of the best expensive sushi in the city. Downrated because of extraordinary cost, however