Christopher successfully managed to keep this a surprise destination for Emily’s birthday dinner (she usually guesses ahead of time and ruins the fun). If you’d ever been to Tavola di Tosa or Thai One On, you know where this quiet, under-the-radar restaurant is located on Ferguson St. in Broad Ripple, right across the street from Rene’s Bakery.

At any rate, we both expected this to be an uppity, almost-out-of-our-league kind of restaurant, but our waitress was so friendly and approachable it made us feel much more comfortable. Plus, they had Built to Spill (one of Emily’s favorite college bands) playing the background, so that was another point in their favor.

Part of the restaurant’s philosophy includes using ingredients that come from local providers in Indiana. The other part focuses on the experience of flavors, and we decided to whole-heartedly embrace the idea, choosing some dishes we might not have tried before and being adventurous, even for us. Read the rest of this entry