ShelBi Street CaFé

Casual, intimate spot with sassy service (the waitress who flirted with my father during his recent visit identifies herself as “the bitch in black glasses”), and a very kind, talented chef (he always comes out to check on us). The select menu changes frequently, but some favorites are always available. The gingham salad is great for lunch, and they usually have some great soups as well. I recall a tuna entree that was fantastic for dinner one evening, and the portions are refreshingly reasonable without being huge. The strangely-spelled name came from the salvaged neon sign lettering from a defunct nearby florist. While the desserts are delicious, please don’t be like our friend, who ordered all four or five desserts in place of dinner (seriously). If you do opt for dessert, make sure you get the pineapple bread pudding. Many thanks, too, for the waitress who recommended coffee with a little nip of Frangelico.

Santorini Greek Kitchen

Boisterous, jovial, family restaurant. Traditional Greek favorites appear, as well as some fun creative dishes (saganaki shrimp was yummy). Located near Fountain Square, you can work off your baklava by going duckpin bowling or swing dancing afterwards.