Midtown Grill

This is where the official first date took place. All I remember was some fancy martini and the adorable man sitting across from me, but I know the food was enjoyable, attractive, and the beginning of a beautiful thing.

Update 1/2005:
We took some friends here as an official “Last Night Out Before the Baby is Born”, and we enjoyed it once again. Fairly quiet for a Saturday night, we walked right in and were seated. Our waitress was a sweetheart, but came across with a “try me” attitude when asked what beers they have. The boys went easy on her.

Tomato basil soup was delicious, and the salad with cherries, walnuts, and greens was tasty as well.

Chris went for the linguine with meatballs. A mixture of veal and beef made the meatballs “spongy” in Chris’s opinion, but he was a Clean Plate Club member that night, so it wasn’t all bad.

My chicken roulade with spinach and roasted red peppers was delicious, and they managed to even make sauteed red cabbage taste good (secret ingredient not commonly used at our house: butter).

Sara and Rob both ordered the chipotle butter pasta and even though they went home with enough food for three more dinners, they both seemed to enjoy it.

All in all, a decent evening. We watched several people order something that required open flames, and more than once the waitress almost lost her eyebrows, but we enjoyed the meal (although a little pricey), the friends, and the food.