The Jazz Kitchen

Known for lots of live music, this local establishment is a nightclub and a restaurant. Recalling my first and only visit a couple of years ago, I remember fun jazz, pretty good ceviche, and lots of smoke. Since the time of our visit, The Jazz Kitchen has added a lovely patio and a corral to hide the lineup of dumpsters, both of which tremendously clean up the appearance of one of our favorite corners in town, 54th and College. The Jazz Kitchen also now caters to those patrons who prefer smoke-free nights; call or check the schedule on their website for your options. These recent changes warrant the venue a second look. 21 and over only.


YATS WILL KILL YOU. But oh my lord, what a great way to go. $5 (no chump change!) buys you a heaping plate of rice and your favorite selection of the day with a side of garlic bread. Daily offerings vary, but count on seeing étouffée, red beans and rice, spinach and mushrooms, etc. There’s almost always something vegetarian available. Can’t decide? Get a split plate for a buck extra. Also try the downtown location on Massachusetts Ave. The owner, Joe Vuscovich, is something of a local icon.

The Jazz Cooker

Cajun and Creole cuisine isn’t anything grand, but it’s tasty once a year or so. Live music on weekends. Note to self: never again on Mardi Gras, unless that really drunk guy won’t be there.