Broad Ripple Brewpub

Grilled entrees and surprisingly decent pub fare, including Scotch eggs (read: hard-boiled eggs rolled in bacon and fried in fat…can you say heart attack in a convenient dumpling shape?). Beer brewed on premises is great on a summer evening. Even our Scottish friend enjoyed herself. She tried buffalo for the first time, Chris went for bangers and mash and I ended up with a veggie burger and veggie crisps (sweet potatoes and taro instead of regular potatoes makes for some nice variety). The Jenny-style pasta is very good as well, so this goes beyond standard burgers and fries.

Ram Restaurant

Typical brew pub…beer is good (you can even buy it to bring home on Sundays!) but food is way overpriced and not nearly worth it. Except for the Titan toothpicks. They’re OK.

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

Same as the Ram, just a different name: good beer brewed on premises, but the dinners are uninspired, flat, bland, and cost more than they’re worth. Outdoor seating on the wide Washington Street sidewalk, if you’re into people watching

Alcatraz Brewing Co.

Sandwiches, soups, steak, wood-fired pizza. Beer brewed on premises. Circle Centre Mall location offers decent beer, sub-par eats.