Of course it makes sense that one of my favorite hobbies includes small bits of sharp things, hot solder, and caustic chemicals.  For me, making stained glass is truly a labor of love, and I do not exaggerate when I say that I have put blood, sweat, tears, burns, ground-up fingernails, and a lot of bad words into this craft.

Chris set up a lovely workbench for me in the basement of our first house, an arrangement that was a vast improvement over the sheet of plastic I had to hang up in the kitchen of my first apartment (you know, to keep the glass dust out of my leftovers), and a huge step above the old bedroom door precariously balanced across two workhorses that I had going in the house in Irvington.

I still have a space all my own in which to house my little operation, however with my “studio” currently located about 18 inches from the front bumper of the cars parked in the garage, midsummer and the dead of winter are not the most pleasant times of the year to start projects.  But I will…you know, for art’s sake.

Most of my work has been made for family, friends, and fundraisers.  And to those of you planning a wedding, I highly recommend NOT making your own wedding favors, especially if they are made out of stained glass and you have to make 150 of them.  What ended up adding a very personal and truly heartfelt contribution to our wedding started out as an immense source of stress.  But I do love seeing them in the windows of friends’ houses, though.  After almost eight years, they still sparkle.

I have also done a few commissioned pieces, and would love to do more of them.  Think: wedding or anniversary gifts, window décor, wedding favors (yes, really, I would do wedding favors again), lanterns or lamps…I’d love to get ideas from people.  If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please email me for details.