Wasabi on 82nd

We went here to celebrate Chris’s raise, so the mood was already pretty chipper. In another celebratory move, we tried sake for the first time. Our waiter was pretty knowledgeable when we asked for a recommendation for sake: he found us something dry, sweet, and it didn’t even burn our faces off. Plus, it comes in little square cups.

One of the true tests of a good Japanese restaurant is the ginger dressing that goes on the iceberg salad. It was just the right kind of flavor: zesty but not too sweet.
The miso soup was, well, miso soup. There aren’t too many different ways to spin it, but it was decent.

The sushi was extremely fresh and dense, just how raw fish should be. We ordered some sort of a chef’s plate, so we took our chances with what was brought to us. Try as we might, we just haven’t been able to enjoy roes of any kind, and our plate had several. Pretty, yes. Tasty, no. One might be better ordering something specific, rather than tempting fate.

All in all, we were happy when we walked into the restaurant, and we were happy when we walked out. Good sushi can be hard to find in the midwest, but Wasabi on 82nd found it and served it to us on square plates.

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  1. Shark says:

    Sorry — you don’t like roe — well 99% of sushi lovers do — this is a great place for sushi.

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