Trios de Tuscanos

The next time you’re up in Noblesville and you need some lunch, stop at Trios. The warm and rustic decor is welcoming, and you place your order at one corner and shop in the McNamara’s flower shop until your pager buzzes you back to pick up your food (I know, weird combination…restaurant and flower shop…but it works).

One charm was the wide array of dressings they had available. While most Italian restaurants opt for your standard parmesan and red pepper, Trios offered no less than ten hot sauces, three gourmet infused balsamics (pear, mandarin, and raspberry), several different olive oils, and at least a dozen flavors, such as Emeril’s essence and other shakable toppings.

I opted for a cup of the Italian Wedding Soup (warm and hearty, but nothing special). It came with the same kind of meatballs you’d find in Spaghettio’s, so they weren’t terribly fresh.

The roasted vegetable wrap fared much better, however. The veggies, although served cold, were still crisp. The spinach was fresh, and the creamy spread wasn’t too overwhelming. The balsamic glaze gave it a hint of sweetness. It might have been better served warm, though, as a future suggestion.

Chris’s meatball calzone was “ok” and he said he liked the outside better than the inside, meaning the bread was good. The marinara sauce was tangy and tasty. Both meals came with a little cup of some sort of apple-cherry crisp for the sweet tooth.

The menu also offers daily specials, and although neither of us opted for the pasta primavera tossed with fresh mushrooms and sliced bell peppers, it looked delicious and perhaps worth trying again at some point.

The atmosphere was cozy and just what we needed for a frigid winter evening when neither of us felt like lifting pot nor pan in the kitchen. Walking in to a warm environment, the rotisserie chicken smell filling our nostrils and the warm glow of an artificial fireplace beconing us to sit for a while was just what we needed. 

Though the menu doesn’t really offer anything out of the ordinary, the food is fresh and reasonably priced, the staff was friendly and the restaurant was clean. Plus, did I mention the flower shop is connected? You can eat and shop at the same time!

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