Traders Point Farm

We found the website to this organic farm (you may have seen them selling milk, yogurt, and other diary products at local farmers markets or at some supermarkets) and discovered that, in addition to their own weekly organic farmers market (Fridays from 4–7pm), they also serve a totally organic/free-range dinner from 5–7pm.

After a harrowing drive out to Zionsville (which was neat, since after five years of living in Indy, neither one of us had ever really been to Zionsville), we found this quaint little country farm, just how you would picture it; gravel driveway, wooden barns, a pond (full of nature!) and chickens running all over the place.

Dinner was $15 (as it is every week), and this week’s menu offered chicken pot pie with huge chunks of tender chicken and big chunky vegetables. The buttery biscuit on top really made it the “pie”, but otherwise it was really more like delicious chicken stew, just like Mom used to defrost.

Accompanying the pot pie was arugula with a fresh beet salad, topped with organic goat cheese and a tangy balsamic dressing. We also had a wonderful eggplant and zucchini caponata on crostini. It was very hearty, even for a cold dab of topping. Wonderful!

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the meal was our beverage (included in the price). You could choose between water, or regular or chocolate milk. We both opted for chocolate (hey, we’re drinking whole milk anyway, why not splurge all the way?!), and it was just like dessert in a cup. Their milk is nonhomogenized (meaning the fat isn’t blended up) so it was rich and creamy and decadent, compared to the grocery-bought skim we’re used to, but still healthy in its own way.

The dinner is only served May through October, but word of mouth told us they offer a Saturday breakfast in the winter. We’ll have to check that out. It would be great if the farm would post their anticipated menu on the website (or maybe offer an advertized vegetarian dinner once or twice), but regardless of what is prepared, chances are it will be wholesome and delicious and worth fighting Friday afternoon traffic on the northwest side to get to.

Don’t forget to take a little walk out to the pond after dinner; frogs, a green heron and blue heron, a kingfisher, swallows, and all sorts of cool nature surrounded us as we gazed at cows on a hillside. it doesn’t get more peaceful (or pastoral 😉 than that.

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