Three Sisters Cafe

Beloved by the Birkenstock crowd. Lots of health‐conscious choices on the long menu. Many vegetarian and vegan sandwiches and entrees as well. The Korean selections are definitely worth trying, specifically the bi‐bim‐bap, which I have the hardest time selecting against. Emily loves the berry cobbler. If you’re dining in the wintertime, order some hot tea, because the quaint olde house can be a bit drafty. Service is very friendly, but can be a bit too leisurely paced if you aren’t in the right frame of mind. The three sisters are beans, corn, and squash, if you were wondering.

Sunday brunch is great if you get there early enough to avoid the long wait, and the pancakes are excellent, as are any of the egg dishes (and the accompanying potatoes).

I would also reccomend any of the homemade soups or salads (the one with cherries and brie and walnuts is the best possible way to make a salad more fattening), and if you’re ordering a side or house salad, go for the creamy seven herb dressing.

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