The Rathskeller

Indianapolis’ oldest restaurant, serving German food, of course. We divide the Rathskellar into two distinct sections: inside and outside.

Inside is where you eat if you’re on a (debatable) first date with your future spouse. You then argue over who pays the bill and end up going dutch. How romantic.

If you’re in the mood for bread and meat, this is your place. Any sausage-type food is guaranteed to be excellent, and the pretzels and pumpernickel bread alone are worth it. And, if it’s not too sacriligeous to order cajun food in an authentic German restaurant, the creole red snapper is fairly well done.
For those more loyal, the schlat platte is excellent, and anything ending in “-itzel” is worth a try. Chris has opted for the mixed wurst plate on several occasions, always wanting to get as many types of meat into one sitting as possible.

And then there is the outside. In the winter, it’s kept warm and toasty with a tent and huge fireplace. In the summer, however, there is no better place to hear live music in the city. A wonderful outdoor bar (the lines move quickly, but be careful standing on the wooden stairs, espeically if you’ve already had one Ultimator) keeps revelers from getting thirsty while they listen to the likes of Push Down and Turn, Jennie deVoe, and our favorites, Polka Boy. People, ain’t nothing like a warm summer evening, a 32-ounce beer in your hands, and fifteen guys doing their rendition of “In Heaven There is No Beer”. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

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