The Music Mill

Alas, such high hopes for the Music Mill. It’s that store that looks like a big shiny box just past Keystone at the Crossing, and I’d read several sterling reviews of the food. Apparently these diners had far different experiences from what we encountered.

To his credit, our waiter was very friendly. The problem was, he was working alone that evening and seemed fairly stressed. To be expected, seeing as how he had two large tables (ours being one of them) among his other clients, and our dining companions were less than discreet about their displeasure.

We started out on a high note, though. We dined on a Thursday (half price appetizers), so we were little piglets and ordered both the bacon‐wrapped scallops (awesome, but what could possibly not be awesome if wrapped in bacon?) and the Yuzu sesame fries. The sauce on the fries was borderline too salty for a teriyaki‐type sauce, but the fries themselves were great. Not soggy, not too greasy. Our friends also tried the corn fritters with maple sauce, and I totally wish we had gotten those instead. There would have been no sharing, and I would have licked the plate.

Unfortunately, it was mostly downhill from there. I tried the Imperial chicken Suzza, a house specialty. Take my advice: don’t try it yourself. The “thin crust” that wraps the “nine inch pie”? Yeah, we call it a flour tortilla. The “Parmesan‐coated crust” that was supposed to come with my Suzza? Not there, but I did get some sort of sweet and spicy Asian glaze with the frozen peppers, onions, and chicken pieces.

Another friend ordered the Roasted Vegetable Foccacia Suzza, and here’s a word of advice that should have tipped her off: pesto and salsa just. don’t. mix. Plus, the “roasted vegetables” came straight of your grocer’s freezer and were overcooked to borderline mush before being placed between the aforementioned tortillas. Granted, she was borderline rude about not enjoying the dish, but I can’t entirely blame her. I would have felt ripped off, too.

Chris’s New Orleans Mufaletta sandwich was pretty tasty, although he felt so greasy after eating it he said he needed to take a shower. it came with homemade potato chips which weren’t bad, but when the highlight of the dinner is the chips, something’s not clicking.

Other mishaps included incorrect orders being brought out (two wrong sandwhiches at various ends of the table, a sausage wrap that should have been chicken, etc). Again, I realize the waiter was swamped, but there were some major miscommunications between our table, the waiter, and the kitchen, and there were just too many of them to be ignored.

Had it been just the two of us (and had I not been the one to choose the restaurant), perhaps it wouldn’t have seemed so bad. However, it was not the best experience we had, and the quality of the food was such that we probably won’t be too willing to give this place a second chance. Unless they wrap everything in bacon and serve it with a side of corn fritters.

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