The Melting Pot

Expensive, yes. Romantic, yes. Fun, also yes. Good, oh yes.

If you’ve never tried fondue, start with the court boullion, rather than the hot oil. This is cooking food in broth rather than deep frying it.

There are several menu options, but we’ve found the best deal is the multi‐course dinner which includes salad, cheese fondue, the main entree fondue, and dessert (chocolate, hello!) fondue.

It is, however, very pricey, and although Emily has had several fun experiences at the Melting Pot (even including that time Alan paid for drinks and then drank half of her margarita while she was in the bathroom, and yes, Alan, I still remember that), Chris seems to think it’s too much money to have to cook one’s food oneself. That’s what makes it a fun and intimate dinner experience, and being able to take the time to enjy that with friends or a loved one can make for a relaxing and pleasant evening.

Or, you just do what we did and buy your own fondue set and then fight over who that last mushroom belongs to and who’s been using the blue spear and why is there an extra squash floating around in there?

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