The Abbey Coffeehouse

Even my parents like this place! Creative dishes (many of them vegetarian‐friendly) include wraps, sandwiches on wonderful breads, and stuffed pitas. Nathan’s Famous (with feta, chicken, spinach, onions, and barbecue sauce) is awesome, but don’t expect any kisses afterwards. Same goes for the buffalo melt; the garlic mayonnaise is so garlicky it’s spicy. Yum! The Zoobilation roll is great, as is the vegetarian Asian wrap (or something like that). Just ask them to heat the rice that accompanies all sandwiches…it tastes better that way. Also make sure you save room for dessert and coffee; the tiramisu is huge and delicious! If you’re up early enough for breakfast, the abbey serves some decent omelettes and French toast dishes. Most of them look ugly but taste great in the a.m.

Update: Sadly (sniff!) the Mass Ave location is no longer, but they’ve relocated to somewhere on Pennsylvania.

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