Taste Cafe and Marketplace

A new little eatery at the growing-in-popularity corner of 52nd and College, we’ve visited twice for Sunday brunch and have been charmed both times. The baked goods that greet you when you walk in the door are reason enough to eat there, and if you make it past the alluring display of baked carbs, more large dishes of fresh potato, pasta, and fruit salads are chilled and just waiting for you to take them home.

The omelettes come with a cheddar cheese biscuit and potatoes (flavored with fennel and other delightful spices). Chris’s CB&G (cheddar biscuits and gravy) were heavenly, and the fresh-squeezed orange juice is full of pulp…just the way we like it.

The fruit and granola parfait is exactly how you’d expect it to be: sweet, fresh fruit, crunchy, homemade granola, and fresh yogurt. The other sampling was a peanut-butter-and chocolate muffin; need I say more?

Updates: Apparently, lunchtime food is just as good as breakfast food! Hooray! I had (for whatever reason) a hankering for the beet salad, which was delicious, even for beets. A BLT sandwhich had the perfect kind of bacon: thick and crispy, but not too crispy. Plus, we witnessed two grown men fighting over the last chocolate chip cookie. I guess that would be the one drawback to Taste: if you get there too late, your favorite food could already be 86d…

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