Moe’s Southwest Grill

If you’re looking for another “fresh Mex” joint to add to the growing list, go right ahead and put Moe’s under “just OK”. Nothing new and exciting (except the fun names of their menu offerings), but the food is decent. The tortilla chips are actually more tasty than most places offer, warm and limey and salty.

We ordered two “Triple Lindy” burritos (one steak, one chicken) with guacamole, salsa, cheese, rice, and beans. Nothing really stood out, but again, I think nowadays a fresh-Mex place would be hard-pressed to come up with something truly unique.

To it’s credit, Moe’s is one of the few restaurants that offer tofu as one of its protein options. Though we are usually pretty accepting of the soy products, I’m not sure if Mexican tofu is quite what I had in mind. Since Moe’s is cheap and easy, though, I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it some night when I don’t feel like making dinner.

The staff was very friendly, but not overly so, so I didn’t feel like they were trying to charm me with a gimmick (and thank goodness they didn’t have to sing anything).

So, will we go back? Yeah, probably. Will we be excited about it? Probbaly not. It’s a quick, easy fix for dinnertime, not bad, not great.

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  1. Do you have a menu at McCools to view on line?

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