Milano Inn

Family owned, tasty Italian. Across from Lilly, Milano Inn probably qualifies as an institution, since it’s been there forever.

Our dining experience was slightly altered, however, due to the fact tha the couple sitting behind us had chosen this family establishment as the venue for their publicly audible break‐up. Our waitress was not the sweetest thing in the world, either, but perhaps she was picking up bad vibes from the break‐up mcgees behind us.

The calamari was acceptable…nothing terribly noteworthy, and although neither of us can recall what we had for dinner (mine may have been pasta primavera, since that’s my style), we do remember the after‐dinner drinks…Chris had some port, and Emily enjoyed her chocolate martini so much that we stopped at Kahn’s on the way home and bought the necessary potables to make our own.

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