Mi Tierra

After seeing a write-up about this new bakery and restaurant in the Fishers local paper, we decided that refritos and something wrapped in a tortilla was in our future. Though there is an abundance of Mexican restaurants in Fishers, Mi Tierra takes it a step beyond and offers other central American (particularly Guatemalan) dishes.

Because they opened quite recently and the main dining room is still under contruction, we only got to order from an abbreviated menu. Both of us enjoyed our pupusas revueltas de chicarron, frijoles y queso (a masa-type pancake stuffed with pork, cheese, and beans). We also enjoyed broiled yucca root and fried pork meat, though the pork was very fatty and I ended up leaving half of it on my plate.

Chris also ordered a tamale guatemalteco (stuffed with pork and steamed in a plantain leaf), which ended up being the most flavorful of all our food. Guatemalan food by nature, apparently, is not nearly as spicy as the Tex-Mex we’re acustomed to, so it took some reminding that it’s not all going to taste like hot sauce.

Although it was a bit on the bland side (the rice and beans were pretty dull, too, and the leftovers will definitely get a sprinkling of chipotle), the food was good, quality homemade food. Plus, it was very inexpensive and you can order almost anything a la carte.

The owner assured us that the soon-to-be-expanded menu (along with the soon-to-be-expanded dining room) would boast many more features, including seafood. They also would begin serving breakfast, much to the luck of the thousands of people who pass by the bustling intersection of 116th and I‑69.

In addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Mi Tierra also serves up freshly-baked breads and baked goods…one of the only shops in town to do so. Plus, everything in the bakery case is $.65! You simply cannot do better than that!

The warm and friendly service (I got to practice my Spanish) and the promise of a wider variety of foods is enough to convince us to give them another try in a few weeks. If you’re looking for something a bit beyond your typical Mexican fare, here’s your place.

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