Pronounced “eye-REE-ahs.” Saying anything else will earn you funny looks. A noisy, bustling, busy old family-owned hole-in-the-wall filled with happy people. Killer eggplant parmesan (an indicator dish, if you ask us). Also serves pizza and lots of pasta.

Update 4/29/2005:
We visited Iaria’s again after a hankering for Italian hit, and it was so much better this time! The dining room was still noisy, but the food was much better than I remembered it.

The minestrone soup that is included with all entrees is fantastic and was just what we needed to warm up after coming in from a cold, crummy spring evening. My spinach ravioli and meatballs were excellent. The standard tomato sauce (the smooth kind, not the chunky marinara) must have, as Chris put it, “had some crack in the sauce, it’s just. that. good.”

Chris’s chicken marsala (the old standby) was also delicious…a little sweet, but not too sweet (I like it sweet, Chris likes it more savory). The mushrooms were meaty and hearty, so he seemed pretty happy. As much as he tried to only eat half and take some home, he failed and managed to finish.

Jon ended up in the Clean Plate Club after ordering eggplant parmesan (his old standby) and Christine enjoyed her mushroom ravioli and inappropriately large sausage.

Our waitress was friendly and attentive, even with a full dining room. We enjoyed the evening immensely and I’m looking forward to our next return trip.

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