I Love Sushi

Sushi is good for you Diet and Health!”
So proclaims the menu for I Love Sushi, the um-teenth ethnic restaurant to occupy the corner of 116th St in Fishers across from the Municipal Center. In addition to promising “higher quality of living for our customers”, this little place also rolls up a tasty ILS roll, with spicy crab, avocado, and tuna (all tempura battered). The asparagus roll and California roll (traditional standards when we order sushi) were very good as well.
The miso soup was standard, and sadly, the dressing on the salad did not measure up to the salad dressing at Sapporo, but it was still zesty.
One highlight was the warm towels; re-hydrated from small, dry paper pucks, our waitress (who was very friendly) poured hot water over the little pellets and we washed our hands.
For a sushi joint, we thought the food was fairly good. It seemed high quality and well-made. However, we also thought it was a bit on the expensive side (a California roll here was $5, and we’re used to getting equally good rolls elsewhere for $3.25).
At any rate, we wish the owners and employees luck. We may be back, since it was pretty quiet on a cold Tuesday evening, and that seems like an invitation to bring your infant when dining out…

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