Hollywood Bar and Filmworks

First word of advice: join the club. Do you go to more than three movies a year? Then go ahead and pay the $39 to get a membership. Your card gets you and three friends into movies free Sunday through Thursday, so it’s worth it. Just call ahead to make reservations and your social activities for the evening are taken care of.

We usually go to Hollywood on Tuesdays to take advantage of half-price pitcher of margaritas and lond island ice teas. Second word of advice: ladies, if you smile real pretty at the nice male bartenders, they will make your margaritas so strong you won’t be able to tell the difference between line A and line B when it’s finally time to see the movie.

Here’s my big mistake: when I go, I always feel guilty about ordering the really good food, so I end up ordering the Roger Rabbit, the veggie wrap (and yes, all their entrees are named after movie characters). The mushrooms are raw, the wrap falls apart, and they use the white part of romaine lettuce, so it ends up all over me, and it really isn’t very good as far as veggie wraps go. Why do I always order it, then? To counter-balance the waffle fries, of course! Even though it comes with chips and the chips are good, there’s no beating big chunky waffle fries.

Chris, on the other hand, goes straight for the prize: the Whoopi Goldberger, the best burger in town. A big, fat burger with chipotle BBQ sauce, bacon, and cheddar, this is the tastiest burger I have ever stolen bites of. This is how movies are meant to be enjoyed: sitting on your ass while drinking a strong drink (go on Monday if you prefer half price buckets of beer) and eating a fatty-fat burger.

The Portabella Lugosi (open-faced sauteed mushroom) was tasty as vegetarian option, but the bun got way soogy way fast, as mushrooms are prone to doing. The Marylin Monroe is a chicken sandwich, and I would recommend the BBQ sauce over the Italian dressing, personally. See?! I can eat good food once in a while.

This is a great way to relax and spend an evening hitting dinner and a movie all at once. Plus, you don’t get yelled at if you talk a little during the film. Although the food is a little on the pricey side ($7.95 for a veggie wrap?), it all evens out when you consider you’re seeing the movie for free and your drinks are cheap and pack a mean punch. One request: make the entire theater non-smoking. Yes, there is a non-smoking section down towards the front, but you have to wade through clouds of smoke if you want to do something like, say, walk in or out, or go to the bathroom.

First run movies make this a worthwhile destination, and it’s a great place to discover the beer and Pixar go very well together, your boss doesn’t care of you get drunk with him, and even the movie “Phone Booth”, while sucking overall, can be really, really funny if you’re with the right people. And you smile at the bartender.

UPDATE 1/2007
Horror of horrors (and we’re not talking Rocky Horror, either)! Due to the increase in price for downtown parking (amongst other reasons), we are saddened to annoucne that Hollywood has closed for business. Sniff. Where, oh where are we supposed to get the best burger in town now?

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