Gelato Da Vinci

I first sampled this gelato while working at Zoobilation. There, I tried the mango (something fruity and refreshing), but this evening I was feeling particularly decadent and opted for the slightly more fattening “Tuscano Turtle”. Yikes. Three scoops of delicious Creme Brulee gelato (all flavors are made on the premises each day, by the way), hot fudge, caramel, and pecans. A rare splurge, even for me.

Chris tried the cherries and almonds gelato, equally as tasty. Every flavor, from the creamy gelatos to the lighter, fruiter sorbets, are homemade fresh and without any artificial ingredients.

This gelato is a tasty alternative to your typical cup of ice cream (even if we’re talking Ben & Jerry’s) and the owners are very friendly people. They’re pretty excited about their business, and if you can brave the construction road blocks at the Fishers location, it’s totally worth it. Plus, they’re open until 10pm on weeknights, so it makes for a great later-evening treat.

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