Fionn McCool’s

We didn’t feel like cooking and we wanted something casual (that seems to be the trend these days) so we decided to try one of the newer places that’s gone in along 116th St in Fishers over the past year. Christopher had a hankering for a beer, and I figured I could find something that wasn’t breaded or wrapped in a pork product, so we gave it a shot.

I was really pleased… Our waitress was very friendly and seemed willing to accommodate us, especially since David was in tow (of course).

Though we normally skip appetizers, the bacon-wrapped bananas sounded intriguing, and after the first bite, I added yet one more way I can tolerate bananas… wrapped in a pork product, it seems. The bites were served with an interesting fruit salsa and mango chutney. It’s certainly not your typical Irish pub fare, but it was worth it.

I opted for a salad for dinner (after the appetizers, it was a good thing) and ordered the spinach salad, sans red onion. The spinach was fresh and since I got dressing on the side, it wasn’t too overwhelming. Everything else (the egg, mushrooms, and bacon, called mashers) were just what I had been in the mood for, apparently.

I also had a cup of the vegetable beef soup, and while it was very good, what was even better ended up being the whole wheat Irish soda bread. I’ve made soda bread before, but this was nutty and delicious, and I loved it. Go figure.

Christopher went for the red pepper penne with chicken. He was assuming it was going to be spicy and was a little disappointed to find that it was more sweet than anything, but it was good enough. I’m sure he’ll order something diferent next time (Shepard’s pie, anyone), and I’m sure there will be a next time.

While we walked right in and sat down (it was a Thursday evening), I’ve heard that it gets packed on weekends. A good lineup of live musicians (usually Celtic music) is scheduled for Saturdays, and there are several drink specials during happy hour. Get off work, meet some friends, and enjoy. My only complaint was that there was smoking permitted (just in the bar) that wafted over to our table. Sigh. If only everywhere could be smoke-free…

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  1. Two will be coming Sat. Feb 14th at 5 p.m. Will we need reservations? Our first visit was
    last summer eating outside. We loved it. This will be our second visit. Looking forward
    to a good meal and friendly staff.

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