El Camino Real

Your typical family (lots of kids!) dirty Mexican joint. When we say “dirty”, we really mean that, with a lot of these strip-mall-type places, the lower the sanitation rating, the better the food.

Not so much with El Camino Real. It was just standard…nothing special. The best part was that they serve tortilla chips hot, which is how we both prefer them.

We both had chilis relleno, which were fine (again, nothing to write home about). I had a beef enchilada and Chris had a tamale that was “fine”.

We originally picked Mexican because Chris was in the mood for pork, and unfortunately there was no pig on the menu except for one entree offering of pork chops.
The menu does have a wide variety of combination dinners, however, and some “fancier” dishes (all termed “new”), so it’s not all order-by-number. I was in the mood for refritos, however, so the combination was what I was looking for.

We also made it a “dry” dinner (me for obvious reasons, being two days away from my due date), but even Chris skipped out on a margarita, which may have made the meal a little bit more enjoyable. All in all, it was standard, typical Mexican food. If you’re looking for a quick lunch or dinner, here you go. At least they had beans.

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