Deano’s Vino

Alas, I had such high hopes and expectations for Deano’s Vino. We’d purchased wine, cheese, chocolate, and ground buffalo from them when it was still just a wine shop, and frequent newsletters and event postings made me eager to finally sample the food.

I was so totally disappointed, it just breaks my heart to give them one star, but I call it as I see it. However, if a simple lunch is going to take two hours (30 minutes to get my order taken, and the dining room was not busy at all), I should be able to enjoy it. I did not.

I ordered the bison burger, expecting something gourmet (or the least bit fancy). The patty was obviously mass-produced (it had the straight edges indicative of being flash-frozen and separated from other patties by a square of wax paper) and overcooked. And if Deano’s version of “served open-faced on Texas toast” means “grease soaking through half of a split-open Wonderbread hot dog bun”, then so be it, because that’s how it arrived. The pasta salad that accompanied the sad burger was nothing more than penne, chopped purple cabbage, and some flavorless olive oil. All for the bargain price of $8. I would have been more satisfied had I gone to Burger King, to be quite honest.

My dining companions were equally underwhelmed, I think, and we all spent the last 45 minutes of the meal looking nervously at our watches, knowing that we were all missing meetings and wasting time. Not only did the waiter (who was a little too nice) bring one friend the wrong order, he also gave $21 in change after another friend paid with a $20. That was the highlight of the meal.

Other reviews have made mention of the delicious food, but i’m not sure I’m willing to risk the time and the money to come back and give something else a try. So disappointing.

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