Bravo! Italian Kitchen

A great place to go on a Tuesday evening after a rough day at work, it’s sure to put a smile on your wife’s face (even before a fat glass of Gabbiano).

The salads are always tasty, although I wish they would use green leaf lettuce instead of iceberg. The chopped is our favorite, with bacon and little bits of tortillas (get dressing on the side, though, or it’s likely to drown). And the bread…ah, the bread. Rosemary and herbs dipped in zesty dipping sauce is a sure way to spoil your dinner, but it would be worth it.

As for entrees, there is nothing that isn’t superb. The chicken marsala is Chris’s new absolute favorite, having set the standard for chicken marsala everywhere. The Pasta Bravo (in a spicy, creamy tomato sauce) is excellent, as well as Penne Mediterranean is Emily’s favorite.
The chicken Milanese pomodoro was acceptable, but after the marsala, there’s just no competition. Emily has tried the margherita pizza before, and it’s OK, but the pasta and grill dishes are what make this place so special.

Make sure you save room for dessert and coffee. Something about their coffee is always wonderful, and the tiramisu is, quite possibly, some of the best in the city.

We know, we know. Bravo is a chain. In a city where chain restaurants all too often top the “best of” lists and shamefully beat out the unique, local joints, we’re comfortable saying that Bravo! is still one of our favorites. It would be great if they outlawed smoking on the patio in the summer, but otherwise we’re happy.

There’s nothing like a small, intimate Italian dinner in a dark corner of an old house that’s been in la familia for decades, but there’s also nothing like a big glass of wine on a Tuesday night in this festive northside restaurant where we know we won’t be disappointed.

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