Bonefish Grill

It was a dark and rainy Tuesday, so what better time to eat out? We’d heard rave reviews from Emily’s folks, and we were in a seafood mood, so we decided to try out this national chain but locally accepted restaurant.

Although the music was a little too loud and a lot too irritating, the decor was relaxing and we liked the mangrove trees on the wall that divided the bar from the dining room. Chris thought the dining room should have been divided a bit more, but I was comfortable after they moved us from the table right next to the loud and verbally expressive kitchen.

The bread was warm and toasty (but why do they only slice it 1/3 of the way through the loaf?!) and the pesto was fresh with olives and basil.

We each ordered the house chopped salad with dinner, and the citrus vinaigrette was crisp and light. In a smart move, they put pine nuts where they didn’t have to (who doesn’t love pine nuts?) and they topped the salad, along with a slice of hearts of palm (corazon de palma, mi esposo amorado).

I was going for something simple, so I ordered the grilled mahi steak, Pan Asian style. Chris went for the parmesan pistachio crusted trout. In a classic case of “I want what he’s having”, I realized that he made the better choice. My fish, while sporting a very tasty Asian teriyaki‐style sauce and tasting remarkably fresh, had already been rubbed with seasoning and was so salty it made my mouth pucker. The bed of sauteed greens underneath the fish were so salty even I didn’t like them, and we all know how much I like the leafy greens. The island rice was nothing special, and since the sauce from the fish was touching it, the rice, too, came out salty.

Chris’s fish, on the other hand (would you like some fish with that butter?) was delicious. Lightly breaded and zesty with cheese, it was crisp and tender in all the right spots. He opted for the sauteed vegetables as a side, and again, it acted as a vehicle for the butter.

One request: although the wine list was fairly decent, add more dry, sweet whites, like a chenin blanc. Perhaps a glass would have made me a little more tolerable.

All in all, we enjoyed Bonefish. We may visit again, although next time I’ll opt for the warm mango salsa and try a different side dish. The daily specials may have been worth investigating, too, and had we not been so tired, the key lime pie was sounding mighty good…

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