Bertolini’s Authentic Trattoria

We had a free babysitter (thanks, Aunt Sara) and a prior engagement downtown, so we were going to make the most out of our evening out.

We arrived slightly after the dinner rush, but the dining room w s still bustling and the hostess never even officially greeted us before we were whisked to a crumb-covered table. Our waiter never offically greeted us, either, but rather haughtily waitied for us to place our drink order.

Like most restaurants these days, the portions were huge. I ordered the field greens salad and Chris went for the Ceasar, and we were presented with dinner plates heaping with leafy greens; it would have been enough for a (rather monotonous) meal, especially coupled with the loaf of bread the size of a basketball that was also brought to the table. The bread was topped with a glob of pesto the size of an ice cream scoop

Christopher chose the Fazzoletto, a glorified lasagna with lots of creamy cheese. It was tasty, but a little heavy. I ordered a special, grilled peppers with Italian sausage and grilled polenta. I could have used more polenta and a little less sausage (do we need two whole feet of sausage!), but it had just the right amout of heat and we had enough leftovers for another dinner.

Though the food was good, the ambience and the service was lacking. Were we expecting too much from a mall restaurant on a Saturday night? We were hoping to have a “special dinner” since the opportunity so rarely comes around anymore, and although we enjoyed the meal itself, the overall experience wasn’t really worth repeating again.

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