Adobo Grill

We wanted to take Jeff (in town from Italy) out for Mexican, and we’d seen some pretty glowing reviews of Adobo in recent papers. Plus, we knew there was outdoor dining, a plus if you’ve got a five-month-old in tow.

It was easy to get a nice seat on the deck, even for a Tuesday afternoon. We immediately ordered the guacamole (totally worth the $7.95 price tag) and were rewarded with big chunks of the prettiest green avocados we’d seen in a long time.

I opted for several appetizers, starting with the jicama and mango salad. It was a little heavy on the cucumbers and didn’t have quite enough jicama, but it was dressed well and was a good, light starter. I also chose the cazuela, a casserole of chorizo sausage and zucchini; tasty, but I’ve had it once and there were other menu items that I’ll try next time. So totally worth it, however, were the sopes surtidos. One came with chorizo, one with shredded chicken, but the best one (I could have had all three this way) was plantain with mole sauce…so delicious!

Christopher ordered the “poc-chuc”, a spice-rubbed pounded prok chop, and seemed to enjoy it very much. Again, the avocadoes that accompanied his dish were lovely. He also mentioned that it was very difficult to only order one Margarita Adobo, but way to go for some self control.

Jeff’s chicken adobo seemd to go over well, too, although he was skeptical about the sauteed chayote at first.

Adobo has a laid-back, casual atmosphere and seemed to cater to the after-work crowd as the evening drew on. We were there fairly early and there were several larger tables sitting outdoors. My one complaint is that they allow smoking outside, and we had to eat our dinner sitting under a Marlboro haze (made worse by the bouncing baby boy on my knee). Otherwise, we felt like our first venture out into public dining in a long time was a success, and we’ve found some new tasty Mexican to add to the list!

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