Strollerblading the Westfield Monon extension

We hadn’t yet been on the northern extension of the Monon Trail in Westfield yet, so yesterday we decided to check it out. The trail has been extended another 1.25 miles from 146th to a little past 156th. There is gravel beyond that (probably to 161st), but we couldn’t continue because my wheels wouldn’t have been very successful. David rode like a champ and was quite talkative, as usual. The bridges and tunnels built in Carmel in the past couple of years really exposed how heavy David is! We saw some deer, a new Ritter’s under construction, and we promised each other that we’d visit the water slide in Carmel’s Central Park before the end of the summer.

Unfortunately, my GPS watch seems like it’s starting to flake out. It no longer beeps, and I’m convinced that it was incorrectly displaying our mileage yesterday. The non-beeping has been intermittent for about two years, but it always came back on the next morning’s run. However, it hasn’t beeped at all this week. The piezo speaker is on the bottom of the unit, against the user’s wrist, and there are pinholes that sweat can get into. It probably got its final dose of sweat earlier this week and isn’t going to be able to resolve itself.

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