Sand Digger Honey Wheat

If you ever find yourself stuck with undrinkable beer, like, oh, maybe Miller Lite, after, say, a visit from your in-laws, it turns out that it can still be useful. Apparently beer makes good bait for garden slugs.

If your wife’s stained glass hobby does not leave enough broken glass around the garage on which to impale unsuspecting bare feet, then homebrewing is a decent way to add to the broken glass content of your house. This batch’s casualty: my third hydrometer. I think I’m just going to either stop measuring the gravity of my beer, or use an antifreeze tester, ha! These questionably named BrewBalls look like a nice unbreakable alternative, but they are very expensive, and imprecise, at that.

With that introduction, the latest batch from Barking Spiders Brewery is conditioning: a wheat beer, modified slightly from past years’ recipes, including local Indiana honey. Who knows where in the world the rest of the grains came from, but I can attest that the honey is the real deal, made by nice, honest folks.

We’re looking forward to sharing this batch with friends and family during our upcoming short vacations this summer. I still need to convince myself about the safety of homebrew in relation to border crossings, but maybe some creative labeling can prevent any trouble.

I’m also looking forward to entering the final three remaining bottles from a previous batch, the Big Wide Smile Bourbon Barrel Porter, into the Indiana State Fair Brewer’s Cup competition. I’m intimidated by the fact that last year’s competition drew 559 homebrew entries, but it should still be fun just to enter.

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