Photo statistics

Playing around more with the Google Charts API, I found some interesting insights into our photo albums.

  1. Cameras
    Still lots more pictures taken on the two Sony cameras we’ve owned: a CyberShot DSC-S70, and a CyberShot DSC-F707. The Canon Digital Rebel XT is next by volume, and it is our primary camera. We also use a Samsung L830 and a Motorola Motozine.
  2. Years
    We started dating in 2001 and were married in 2002. It was new and exciting to have a digital camera, but then our camera use settled down for the next couple years. David was born at the end of 2005, and surprise, the number of pictures doubled!
  3. Months
    I think this chart speaks a bit to our seasonal happiness levels: February is the depth of the wintertime experience, and there is less to be excited about, or to take pictures of. As spring emerges, the number of photo-worthy events increasesand keeps going through the summer. Fall then arrives, and we start to withdraw into our hibernation routine. December brings a spike because of the holidays, and there is some inertia that carries through to January. And then our cycle repeats.
  4. Weekdays
    Google Chart
    This one isn’t too surprising, either. Naturally, we take more pictures on the weekends!

So there are some fun insights into our picture-taking habits.

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