Panorama stitching with Photoshop

photoshop-iconPhotoshop CS4 includes a well-hidden tool (File → Automate → Photomerge…) that automatically stitches panoramic photos together. It’s surprisingly good! Things to keep in mind when you’re shooting by hand: keep the lens horizontal (don’t angle it up or down), lock the exposure and white balance settings, and don’t move! I violated my own guideline by angling the camera down toward the floor, so I had to do some manual work to de-warp the result, which added some other distortion. This is why Adobe prices Photoshop the way they do: to keep it out of the hands of amateurs like me.


Respect the Prius: The two dressers, hidden nightstand, and bed frame all fit inside the Prius, thanks to the wizards at Ikea, and the mattress set fit on top.

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