Indianapolis Star FTW?

The Star reported yesterday on this issue of idled train boxcars clogging up the nearby town of Greencastle. It’s a crummy situation, and it’s a shame that the townsfolk have to deal with this manifestation of bad economic times.

The other thing that is shameful about this story is that it was front page news in the Wall Street Journal nine days earlier. How did it happen that the national paper scooped the local paper by over a week, with a story twice as long? Why did the Star bother to try at this point?

I’ll chime in on the recent discussion about the hole that the news media is in. Lately, Colorado’s Rocky Mountain News closing has been a pretty big story. Lots of other papers are bankrupt or for sale. People on the internet are latching onto anecdotes of how the traditional news media industry is not adapting well to changing times.

One thing that quality news outfits have going for them that they need to figure out how to leverage better is editing, as eluded to by Dan Schorr of NPR. Maybe this explains the explosion of talk and opinion out there, because people crave commentary and analysis as much as they want facts, which have been commoditized by technology.

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