I Hate Cilantro — an anti cilantro community

Nothing is a surprise on the internet. Today I read about an online hate group for cilantro-bashing gadflies. Personally, I love the crisp freshness of cilantro, but these folks are pretty funny. According to their community map, one of my neighbors doesn’t like cilantro because it “tastes like [his] lawn!” He joined this community because he was kicked out of the I Hate Paprika Club.

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal indicates that there are also Facebook groups devoted to similar causes, with names like “Youth Understanding Cilantro Kills” (Y.U.C.K.) and “I Hate Tomatoes, But I Love Ketchup And Other Tomato-Based Products.”

It’s amazing that a humble, 3,000 year old herb can be so polarizing. Especially the most delicious herb of all!

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