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I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks like this.

1. The most efficient way to mow is the spiral: start from the outside and do the border, spiraling in to the middle.

2. Next, you have the long stripes: mow the long edge-the length of the rectangle-and then u‑turn, and go back forth, striping the turf till you’re done.

3. Next, the short stripes: same as long stripes, but this time you’re going back and forth across the short distance.

4. Finally, the diagonal stripes: make strips starting at one corner, and going back and forth across the diagonal of the rectangle.Aesthetically, you’re going to want to dial this one to 45 degrees.

4b. The Old Man “Keep Off My Lawn You Darn Kids” Deluxe Double-Diagonal Stripes: Do method 4, then do it again so the diagonals crisscross. Recommended for baseball outfields.

David’s Lawn-mowing Efficiency Hierarchy’ — Planet Money Blog : NPR.

Regarding the podcast that the letter writer refers to, the “efficiency expert” sounds insufferable. I mean, there are parts of my life that I like to optimize. I take pride in packing the dish washer as tightly as possible. I have favorite lawn mowing patterns. I have a set pattern for the weekly chores. But lining up items in the bathroom in order of their use? At least this guy made a career out of his OCD tendencies.

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  1. Adam Jones says:

    Ha! I’ve thought those same things! Every time I’m out with the mower I wrestle with the decision of whether I would prefer to be done with the mowing sooner or the look of the lawn be more pleasing (typically compromising on the long-edge method). Since I am the house dishwasher, I also pride myself on getting all dishes from the day into a single load, and consider it a mild failure on my part if I’m unable to do so. It’s like my own type of tetris game every night.

  2. Christopher says:

    My personal tetris game is packing the car for vacation.

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