American Express won one for us

American Express has had some up and down news lately. First, they got in trouble because they were lowering people’s credit limits without warning, which wound up lowering people’s credit ratings. A little while later, they were offering to buy out their lesser customers and get them to leave. This week, we learned that the CEO was paid upwards of $27 million last year.

All I know is that I’m pretty happy with them so far: we’re earning a respectable cash back reward, and they are honoring our dispute with a retailer who went bankrupt before delivering furniture that we had ordered with a deposit charged on our Amex card. We were concerned that we were going to be unable to recover our deposit, so here’s to one less thing to worry about!

Now, if only we could convince Kinder Care and our mortgage lender to take American Express, we could earn some serious rewards!

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