500 Festival Mini Marathon 2010

What a windy morning! I’m glad that we did not allow ourselves to look out the window when we woke up. If we had, seeing the trees bending over in the crazy gusty winds would have sent us straight back to bed. For that matter, we were lucky to wake up on time, after a three hour power outage during the night. (Pop quiz: how do you figure out what phone number to call to report a power outage if the internet is out too? Oh yeah, the phone book. So, if I program the power company’s number into my phone, can we finally get rid of the last phone book?)

The temperature was fine, just windy.

Since the 5k started before the half this year, there was some shuffling around of corrals before the half. This was not a big deal, however, the corrals close to the front filled up more slowly than usual. As runners trickled in, there was less open space, and huddling more effectively blocked the wind. Presumably because of the wind, the huge flag that was usually over the course just after the start suspended from two ladder trucks was not there. That was too bad, because I love running under it. Also due to the wind, there was no archway over the finish, so the finish line was unadorned — a bummer. We heard later that it had been set up the night before, but blew over at 2:00 AM.

Not surprisingly, the Speedway was a major swirling wind tunnel, but after that, the wind was to our backs. It’s nice to finish with a tail wind, but the tail wind certainly did not compensate for the head wind during the first half!

The t‑shirts this year were upgraded to technical fabric, nice! The Geist Half last year also had an upgraded shirt. However, the Geist Half shirt I got was some sort of reject with really weird proportions. It was wider than it was tall, and one arm was shorter than the other. The Mini shirt was made right, and is usable. Bonus! I think the tradeoff for the nicer shirt was that the medals were not “interactive.” There were no moving race car bits like in years past.

I really appreciate that Rose-Hulman had a tent set up in Military Park to block the wind as I waited for Emily and Sarah to return. It was neat to watch her cross the finish line in her first half marathon, and to see that she was smiling and talking about the next one. Will she catch the bug? I hope so.

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