2010 Mini-Marathon Training Series 5k

I was not looking forward to the first race of the new year! Weather forecasts promised that it would be very cold, so at least I was prepared for that. This morning as I was getting ready to head out, I received an Indianapolis Knozone email (the first since early last summer) warning about elevated levels of fine particles in the air. Great, so it was going to be 12° and foggy, with the added bonus of hazardous dust. Sounds like a fine morning in the making.

As usual with the Mini and its associated training series, the event was well organized and everything flowed smoothly. Saturn was conspicuously absent as a sponsor, but I suppose being run out of business will have that effect. In the place of the sponsor’s cars was a big American Red Cross van, whose EMTs were hopefully not needed throughout the morning. I appreciated that Ortho Indy was handing out headband/earmuffs to participants who had registered for all three of the training series races. I took advantage of it!

The streets were dry and almost completely free of ice in the travel lanes. Of course there were patches near intersections, but volunteers helpfully yelled out for people to take care in certain places.

Per my usual early season folly, I went out way too fast in the first half mile (hey, it was cold, and I was trying hard to warm up), but then had the good sense to rein it in. My nerd watch tracks are in the map below.

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  1. Adam says:

    Nice job! I had every intention of entering into at least one 5K last year, but never made it out. Gotta change that this year.

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