Bringing a little bit of Right Brain to this website…

Finally, Emily has learned how to post updates to the website!  Once in a while you’ll get the female point of view on our radically exciting lives (seriously…there is a picture of bacon on the front page of our website…and it’s not even cooked all the way).  Maybe it’s a way of softening the “all-geek-all-the-time” perspective that you’ve grown to know and love over the past eight years, or maybe it’s a way of breaking free of the snobby-snob restraints of the art world.  Regardless, I’m looking forward to having a little fun with this.  And in honor of my inaugural post, I give you this:

Because everyone should start off with a pair of “killer shoes”.

And really…who wants to see more bacon?

Thai Smile 2

Admittedly, we had a bit of a bias going into our dining experience at Thai Smile 2. The original location in Muncie was a favorite dining spot for some friends of ours, and they have never had anything but wild praise for Thai Smile. Read the rest of this entry

City Cafe

I met a dear friend downtown a few weeks ago for an early morning breakfast (it was snowy, I was the first one there, and I walked in before the “open” sign had even been turned on) and it was a great choice.

I’d eaten here almost seven years ago (and my dining companions were far less enjoyable that time around) but remember being impressed by the huevos rancheros. Read the rest of this entry

Five Guys

Oh. My. Gosh. There’s a reason why this place has been rated the best burgers in Washington DC for the past 753 years (OK, well, the past 8 years). This is everything you could ask for in a fast-food burger joint, and the fries (fried in peanut oil…yay trans fats!) are perfect—-not the least bit soggy, but delightfully crispy but not overdone (although Christopher thinks using peanut oil makes them taste burned anyway). That didn’t stop him from eating his fair share of our order. And what does he know anyway? He’s not an East Coast guy. Read the rest of this entry


In the same shopping center as Five Guy’s and Mi Tierra, we have a third cuisine represented by Stefano’s. We’d been saying we needed to eat there since it opened (it was formerly Cio’s, which was short-lived enough that we never made it inside), and last saturday we finally gave it a try. Read the rest of this entry

The Station

In the same building where Papa’s used to be (for those of you who know where that is), there is now another opportunity for family dining.

We sat outdoors on the patio after a long day trip, and it was just right. Though they have a full bar, their beer selection was a little on the skimpy side (but we both found something nevertheless). Read the rest of this entry

Big City Delicatessen

You know how sometimes you order something that you’ve had a million times before, but somehow it just seems better this time around? Case in point: Big City Deli.

Housed in the same building as the new-and-improved Kahn’s Fine Wines on Keystone Ave (they moved a few blocks south of the old location), the employees were so friendly and eager to please.

Chris opted for a classic Chicago style hot dog and wow. Again, it was something he’d had many times before, but something about the bright neon green of the relish or the way the dog popped when you bit into it or the poppy seeds pattered to the table… this was a goooooood dog. Read the rest of this entry

Thai One On

Located in the house where Tavola di Tosa used to reside, this new resident was pretty good for a Saturday night. We ordered the spring rolls vegetarian and were surprised when they came out cold, but the peanut dipping sauce was awesome. Chicken drunken noodles were just spicy enough ( I ordered it at a 3 out of 5) and the veggies were crisp, just how I like them. Chris’s Thai One On special had friend cellophane noodles and a very savory soy-flavored sauce that was great with his veggies, too. Jon ordered some kind of Riesling (always good with Asian food) and the banana wontons for dessert would have been much better warmed up (like the spring rolls) but they were friend bananas: can that ever really be bad? Our waitress was a little spacy (and she poured three huge glasses of wine and one really small one) but the artwork on the wall and the tasty food satisfied us pretty well. Read the rest of this entry

Hollywood Bar and Filmworks

First word of advice: join the club. Do you go to more than three movies a year? Then go ahead and pay the $39 to get a membership. Your card gets you and three friends into movies free Sunday through Thursday, so it’s worth it. Just call ahead to make reservations and your social activities for the evening are taken care of. Read the rest of this entry


Christopher successfully managed to keep this a surprise destination for Emily’s birthday dinner (she usually guesses ahead of time and ruins the fun). If you’d ever been to Tavola di Tosa or Thai One On, you know where this quiet, under-the-radar restaurant is located on Ferguson St. in Broad Ripple, right across the street from Rene’s Bakery.

At any rate, we both expected this to be an uppity, almost-out-of-our-league kind of restaurant, but our waitress was so friendly and approachable it made us feel much more comfortable. Plus, they had Built to Spill (one of Emily’s favorite college bands) playing the background, so that was another point in their favor.

Part of the restaurant’s philosophy includes using ingredients that come from local providers in Indiana. The other part focuses on the experience of flavors, and we decided to whole-heartedly embrace the idea, choosing some dishes we might not have tried before and being adventurous, even for us. Read the rest of this entry