Name a movie that frightened you.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

I saw this movie with my fiancee two weeks before we were to get married. It was a very ominous experience. The two families eerily paralleled hers and mine. My family is reserved, Emily’s is, well, exuberant. It made such an impression that seven years later, I still remember the name of the father was Gus Portokalos. The thing that made the movie scary was that I was fine with all the marriage preparation that we had been doing all along, but that was the moment when the reality of it all hit me. I think I also made Emily nervous, because she probably saw me sitting silent and still in my seat with my eyes bugging out.

It’s a good thing everyone got along in the end!

You’ll find “Reader’s Digest” atop my toilet

All kinds of articles with big words that make me look smarter than I really am.

Runner’s World
A little bit of motivation, a little bit of guilt, a little bit of product placement

Reader’s Digest
This one belongs to Emily; I don’t read it. They collect in the upstairs bathroom, where David likes to look at the pictures while he sits you-know-where.

Bon Appétit
Most of the recipes look good, and most of the photography in the last year is so harshly lit that it’s completely unappetizing. We usually aim to make one or two new recipes a week.

IEEE Spectrum
All kinds of articles for and about EE nerds. It’s a great way to make you question the progress you’ve made along your career path.

Automotive Design & Production
This is what a car magazine should be like, focused on the engineers who make cars reality.

I’m turning into my parents

My grandfather and father both have patterns of mailing newspaper clippings, and now look at me — now I’m the one who emails everyone links to newspaper articles. Services like ShareThis and Clickability enable the habit by making it all too easy.