links for 2010-06-03

National Running Day

In honor of National Running Day, David and I ran around the block together this afternoon. We also took the opportunity to start off his Kids Marathon, which he will hopefully complete as part of the Indianapolis Marathon this October. He’s very excited about earning his very own real marathon medal, just like mommy and daddy’s. Over the next 4½ months, we’ll keep track of how far we run together on his Kids’ Marathon Mileage Log. After completing a total of 25 miles before the event, the kids will complete their final mile on the same course as the grownups, even using the same finish line. This looks like a great program with meaningful incentives to help get kids interested in being active.

It sounds like a lot of running, and we’re very cautious not to force David into it at such a young age, but in this case, the enthusiasm all comes from him. After last week’s two-block Rookie Run, the smile on his face all the way from the start line to the finish line was just great. He was excited about getting a medal, but just as excited about getting his own bottle of cold water. Whatever does it for him!

Today, he ran (and walked) six-tenths of a mile, alternately sprinting and dragging his feet, picking up pine cones and jumping on them to pop them. I stayed a step behind his lead, wearing the GPS, just to see the result. I had a good time looking at all the points where he got distracted and stopped to look at something. At one point, he looked back at me, veered off the sidewalk, and tripped as he got back on. He landed on his hands and knees, and decided that was enough, “but there is no blood, so it’s okay.” So we walked back home after that. After crossing the street one last time, he forgot about tripping and sprinted the final two house lengths on his way to get his ice pack out of the refrigerator.

At this rate, he’ll earn his medal in no time. We’ll see how this plays out!

In other outdoor activity news, National Trails Day is this Saturday, June 5, and National Get Outdoors Day is next Saturday, June 12. We’ll be on the Monon Trail this weekend, and possibly Ritchey Woods the next. See you outdoors!