Tony Dungy interview on NPR

This is a day late, but NPR aired an interview yesterday with all-around good guy Tony Dungy: What’s Next For Retired NFL Coach Tony Dungy

Former Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy decided to retire at age 53. Dungy has been working with a number of Christian evangelical groups and writes from that perspective in his new book, Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance, which advises men and boys on how to lead successful lives. Dungy tells Steve Inskeep what his plans are for the future.

Car maintenance is back

kdk_0263AutoZone’s net income is up 8.6%, pleasantly surprising investors. It’s no surprise that people are trying to make their cars last longer in favor of buying new cars. But it turns out that last year, even the stingiest among us were postponing major repairs because gas prices were so high. Now that the prices of gas is coming back down, shade-tree mechanics now have a little extra cash to fix their clunkers.

Via the WSJ

In its annual April auto issue, Consumer Reports estimates the expenses of owning a car over its first five years:

Royer family farm feature

The Royers are the first featured producers in what appears to be a series of videos by Purdue University about local meat producers. In the video, Nikki and Scott give a short introduction to their 130 year old family farm and the work they do.

Congratulations, Nikki, Scott, Knic, and Cale!

You can find the Royers’ beef, lamb, and pork at the Fishers and Broad Ripple farmers’ markets. Stop by during the season — they’re nice folks, and they have excellent meat to offer!